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  • 1

    Superplasticising admixture for pumpable concrete.

  • 2

    Acrylic Polymer additive waterproof for concrete & masonry.

  • 3

    Single component polymer for cement based waterproofing.

  • 4

    Two component acrylic modified cementitious coating for concrete and masonry surface.

  • 5

    Elastomeric polymer modified cemtentitious waterproof coating.

  • 6

    Fibre reinforced acrylic waterproofing coating for old and new roofs.

  • 7

    Elastomeric cementitious waterproofing coating with approval for use in Contact with Portable water.

  • 8

    Damp proof membrane for floors walls and roofs also for inner lining of water tanks.

  • 9

    Liquid applied single component elastomeric waterproofing membrane for car decks, roof terraces, balconies.

  • 10

    3 mm / 4 mm plain finish torch applied waterproofing membranes for basements and roofs.

  • 11

    Polyester resin anchoring grout for anchoring bolts and bars.

  • 12

    High flow, high strength cementitious precision grout for bore packing, base plate grouting.

  • 13

    Low viscosity epoxy injection grout for sealing micro-cracks.

  • 14

    Rapid setting cement based water leak plugging mortar for flowing water cracks or holes.

    • 15

      Single component, fibre reinforted shrinkage compensated polymer modified structural grade repair mortar.

    • 16

      Free flow, structural grade micro-concrete for encasement build-ups, jacketing, pile top encapsulation.

    • 17

      Solvent free epoxy bonding agent for joining old and new concrete.

    • 18

      Styrene butadine polymer for use as bonding agent & gauging liquid for waterproof plasters and repair of large cracks.

    • 19

      Acrylic emulsion based bonding agent for floor toppings, repairs, screeds and mortars.

    • 20

      Elastomeric & decorative acrylic waterproofing coating for exterior walls.

    • 21

      Ready to use colourless silicone water repellent for brickwork, tiles and stones.

    • 22

      Low viscosity wax emulsion, water based concrete curing compound.

    • 23

      Fast setting flexible acrylic sealant for Wall / ceiling angles, Door and window frame surrounds.

    • 24

      Single part, non shrink, cementitious, crack sealer for plaster, masonry and concrete.

    • 25

      One part PU base building & expansion joint sealant.

    • 26

      Single Component, tropical grade, ceramic tile adhesive.

    • 27

      Polymer modified granite and marble tile adhesive.

    • 28

      Pigmented, cement based tile joint filler

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